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Living Life. Living Well. was created to bring pure essence into your space. A lifestyle and wellness brand that stems from an awareness that it is essential to prioritize the care you give yourself. Each oil serves a specific purpose. The variety of scents provide an experience that you can creatively curate into your own space. Whether that be cleansing, restfulness, serenity or freshness - you’re one step closer to living your life well.

The phrase Living Life. Living Well. is exactly what it states - live your life well! I want to help others learn to live their life well and it’s important to understand that we’re in this together. We’re learning together and we’ll live life well together from all over the world.

The mission of the brand comes from a place of turning my pain into purpose. I had an excruciating year in 2020 - so much loss and pain that I thought I could never heal from. Even in my faith, I couldn’t see the light because my grief was so heavy. I didn’t know how to cope. When I took the intentional time to step back and spend time with myself for 6 months, I rediscovered myself. I ignited my passions and began to create. Living Life. Living Well. was created in 2018 based on the premise of creative storytelling - sharing the stories of incredible women of color that I admired. I’ve now revamped the brand into what it is today - a lifestyle and wellness brand made for everyone. I want people to be intentional with their time and their lives. To claim their moment as theirs and love the life they’ve been given no matter how hard it may be. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the ups and the downs, never give up on the space you create for yourself. That space is sacred and valuable. That space brings healing and love. That space only thrives with intentionality.

Why Essentials Oils?

Essential oils are apart of the aromatherapy realm of healing and wellness. I wanted to incorporate the idea of intentionality and essential oils and create something magical out of it. I use my diffuser all the time and I love essential oils. I thought well if I love them so much, I’m sure someone else loves them and another and another. I researched and took the time to see what else was out there in the market and realized I didn’t know any black owned essential oil businesses. That’s when it clicked. This is me. I’m all about celebrating women, especially black women. This is my moment to celebrate myself. I saw a need - a need of people feeling like they couldn’t find joy or purpose in what was a very difficult year. I saw a need in creating a space for a black woman creating essential oils and making them so people can use in their spaces to relax, relate and release! We deserve it. We need it. So, I took the challenge to create.

I will never stop advocating for intentionality. I advocated for other people so much. I always made sure to be intentional with others but I lost sight of what that intentionality looked like for myself. This brand is meant for me, for you, for everyone. My hope for the brand is we get one step closer to intentional living. As a woman who lives her life in faith - I smile thinking how much joy The Lord must feel seeing His daughter be intentional with the life He gave her.

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